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Eastbridge RFID selfservice

The library sector is one where the automation of logistics is implemented by the use of large-scale self-service. Customers arrange the borrowing, returning or extending of library materials themselves.
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Eastbridge RFID Digital Signage
Digital Signage

How we communicate is changing significantly. Digitalisation of information, generation x, generation y, screenagers, Skype, Ping, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Steve Jobs schools… how do you connect to the contemporary way of communicating with your customers.
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betalen 550x300

All library system-related payments (loan fee, fines, subscription fees and, in conjunction with internet regulation software, also printing) can be dealt with by the payment solutions offered. Payment with cash, chip and pin and NFC is all possible.
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    Bibliotheek Barneveld,

    Since June 2014 is library Barneveld switched to self-service of Eastbridge RFID. From positive references from colleagues libraries deliberately chose Eastbridge RFID. On the sites Barneveld , Kootwijkerbroek and Voorthuizen his first sorting , two SmartShelves , five self-service stations and security antennas installed. Erik Worm - Library Barneveld

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    The Eastbridge payment software has been certified by Worldline on May 8, 2015 . The payment software thus meets the latest payment standards VIC 1:06 and 1:07 . The payment software works with both Vubis as BicatWise and comprehensive payment functionality , styled in a clear user-friendly interface .

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    Bibliotheek Rivierenland,

    Rivierenland Library has expanded its services with self-service points are located in several local attractions in the region. The self-service library points are fitted with a self-service device that is easy to operate. Library members can therefore scan their books, audiobooks and DVDs themselves when borrowing and returning. With the self-service points Rivierenland Library offers a library for the local area with which smaller communities have access to the services closer to home. To this effect, together with Rivierenland Library, EastBridge has developed a new self-service unit that is especially suited for unmanned locations.

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    Eastbridge BV

    About Eastbridge BV

    EastBridge BV is a supplier of solutions in the field of IT. Over the years, EastBridge has become a leading supplier of RFID implementations, software development, IT and Digital Signage. At home and abroad EastBridge has realised numerous total solutions. Solutions that provide added value for end customers.

    EastBridge has an open mind when looking at the needs of its customers and delivers total solutions. The practice has taught us that we provide added value at the edges of various forms of expertise; self-service, cashless, IT management, business applications (such as library systems). Our pragmatic approach, expertise and attitude to look beyond borders unburdens customers in the implementation of IT projects. EastBridge provides a full range of solutions that can be purchased separately or as a complete package.

    We want to contribute to optimising business processes and improve the information provision of organisations. We develop broad based creative and innovative solutions based on open standards and new technology. All solutions are developed in-house and are our own products and services.
    Our people make the difference based on their enthusiasm, pragmatic experience and expertise.

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    RFID Technologie

    About RFID Technologie

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is used to store information from a distance and to read so-called RFID transponders (tags). RFID is a simple way to identify products, goods or people by means of tags. These tags are small chips that are roughly similar to barcodes, but in doing so it can generate a radio signal with an identification code.

    RFID consists of a reader / antenna and tags. With the reader / antenna, the information is written or read on the tag (data carrier).

    RFID tags can be active or passive. Active RFID tags feed on a battery and can be used for tracking goods over a longer distance. Passive tags have to do without power. An RF antenna activates the tag and then the information is written / read. The price of these tags has dropped to between ten and thirty cents and therefore already has many applications.

    RFID tags are distinguished also by the frequency used. In general, it can be said the higher the frequency, the further the read range. The most commonly used frequencies are: 125KHz (Low Frequency) 13.56MHz (High Frequency) 860 MHz to 950 MHz (Ultra High Frequency), 2.45GHz (Microwave).

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    About METHOD

    Eastbridge is a pragmatic provider of creative and innovative ICT solutions.
    Through knowledge of our markets , our passionate and practical approach and way of thinking along with our customers, we often develop smart solutions / ideas.
    We work together with leading suppliers in the ICT sector and RFID without binding us exclusive to one provider that Eastbridge will remain the point of contact .

    Eastbridge develops and manufactures in-house creative and innovative self-service and IT solutions.

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    (Nederlands) Vacatures

    About (Nederlands) Vacatures

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